Genetic Matrix

Human Design or Genetic Matrix is the visual synthesis of old and new sciences. With nowadays technology it is possible to upload your personal human design chart profile. 


After 7 years intensive study I feel secure in sharing the information about your energytype, it's correct decision making strategy and it's natural inner authority.  

You will get insight about the energetic (quantum) mechanics in interaction with other people. 

This information is of high value to people open to learn about them selves and getting aware of the mechanics of energetics at work. Parents are cordially invited to learn about themselves or about their childeren in order to understand them in their own design.  Especially parents with Projector, Reflector and Manifestor children!

Also for people in Human Resources or people management functions Human Design or Genetic Matrix is a very insightfull science.     


Feel free to be sceptic. It remains a triggering issue that this information comes to you only by the input of your birthdates, time and place.

I really did my homework on this and Í am convinced that this is unique knowledge that should be easy and universally available to everyone. 


For me it is important to emphasize that these are the (quantum) mechanics at work and it is not spiritual.   


Curious for your unique design? then please get your free profilechart here from Genetic Matrix .  

When curious what the information all is about then you can surf the internet, or book an apppointment with me and I will explain the first layer of your energytype, strategy, and inner authority. It has been a lifechanging insight for many people already! 


Costs for an Energytype Reading:   Euro 200,--  (excl VAT) 

Duration:     180 minutes